Journal of the Excavation (13.06.2017)

Today was the last day of excavations of the 2017 archaeological season at Podere Cannicci. We spent the day removing a new context (28) identified underneath context 25. Once again the deposit was rich in material culture, especially pottery. Although the context can be dated around the 2nd c. BC, a fragment of a possible Goudineau 41 vessel dated to the 2nd-3rd c. AD has been recovered. Moreover, a couple of fragments of Italian Sigillata have been rescued from the same context allowing to argue that a later occupation of the site can be detected somewhere else within the area. We thank our pottery specialist Massimo Brando and his expertise for this preliminary data and we hope to start the assessment of the assemblage as soon as possible.

Tomorrow we will finish the graphic documentation of the site while our students will continue to wash the outstanding quantity of pottery.


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