A big thank you!

So the first archaeological season at Podere Cannicci has finished. The experience has been unique and the archaeology at the site has shown all its potential. A quintessential late Etruscan to late Republican settlement, most likely destroyed by a fire during Sulla’s first Civil War. Evidence of a much later occupation between the late Antonine and the Severan period starts to appear, and we hope to better define the history of the settlement in the coming years.

However, today is the day of thanking a series of people who took part directly or indirectly in our adventure! Our very own students, Constance Champagne and Maura Timmons, whose efforts and passion faced the heat and sun of Tuscany and nonetheless they did a wonderful job! Paolo Giannuzzi Savelli and his son Iacopo gently supported the project and allowed us to start the excavations in their estate. Luca Giannuzzi Savelli, our project manager and site assistant, has encouraged the beginning of the project since 2015 and made us feel at home every single day. A special thank you also to all the staff of the Tenuta di Monteverdi (especially Filomena, Noemi, Tina and Cesare) for providing us with all the services and fantastic food every day! Edoardo, Luca and Valentina have been amazing with their expertise and patience: day by day they have uncovered the hidden story of the site, deciphering all the human activities at the site over time. Todd Fenton attended the first week at the excavations, providing good humor and serenity to the whole team. A special thank you to Andrea Marcocci who helped so much in setting up the project. He shared all his (large) knowledge of the territory and we are all looking forward to the publication of his book! Massimo Brando and Valentina Pica came to visit us and provided so many detailed information on the pottery assemblage that helped so much the final comprehension of the site! Fabiana Fabbri has also dedicated much of her time to visit the excavations and she enlightened us on the votive deposits that she has been studying over the last years.

The rendez-vous is set for next year! The Impero Project will continue the exploration of the territory of Paganico and we will keep you all posted on the results of the excavations! As always.. stay tuned!

Alessandro Sebastiani

P.S.: I already miss the mascotte of the excavation evenings, Candela!

2017 Excavation Team


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