Podere Cannicci – Day 6

This morning, the IMPERO Project team returned to work from a weekend of beautiful adventure tasting wine and exploring the Abbey of Sant’Antimo at Montalcino. Even though we had two full days away from the labor of excavation, our archaeologists had a strong start at both Podere Cannicci and Castellaraccio. As our team leaders announced on Friday, we combined the previously separated groups working on both sites to better optimize our efforts—in the morning, the Castellaccio segment of the team joined with the one formerly working alone at Podere Cannicci, and after lunch, the people focused on Podere Cannicci joined with those at Castellaccio to work on the castle.

For such a significant reorganization, the teams united seamlessly and gave their all to their new positions. At Podere Cannicci, the new team members began to uncover a previously set aside segment of the site, and the original crew continued to uncover the two contexts (35 and 36) and wall features exposed last week.

Moreover, our pottery specialist Massimo Brando has joined the team and has started to provide a number of information about chronologies of the newly discovered contexts. In the coming days, we will post some data coming from the pottery analysis and its related typologies.

Although there is a great deal of work still left at both sites, we are extremely proud of the adaptability of our team as a whole and how well and passionately we all came together at the start of this new week. We eagerly await what breakthroughs our incredible students and team leaders make over the course of this week!

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