Podere Cannicci – Day 7

The entire team banded together again this morning to continue our work at Podere Cannicci. Half of the original Roman site excavators continued their effort on Context 35, leveling out the soil to the depth exposed last week and evening out the borders of the context. Behind them, part of the team continued to reveal the newly uncovered wall toward the back of the site and also discovered the continuation of the trench found in 2017, the stones of which seem to have collapsed inward. The new workers from Castellaraccio at Podere Cannicci likewise furthered their helpful labor—troweling to clean stones and pickaxing the much shallower Context 1.

While the rest of the team worked, our first students, Ryan Poloncarz and Rebecca Gilliland, joined our pottery specialist Massimo to clean all of the collected pottery fragments from the Roman site. They found the experience incredibly rewarding due to Massimo’s magnificent expertise, and the success of this first students-expert collaboration beyond the site has us fondly anticipating the rest of our students’ experiences with Massimo.

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