Podere Cannicci – Day 8


The IMPERO Team had an appreciated helping hand at Podere Cannicci this morning when the machine came to clear both our steadily growing spoil heaps and the dark brown soil covering Context 36. With the aid of this machine, the entirety of the team managed to level out the context and further expose the almost-black soil beneath. There is still brown soil to be troweled away, but the team made great strides today in leveling out the context, and we even found the tissue laid by the original site excavators from the 1980s and 90s to protect and mark the level that they reached.

On the other side of the trench, part of our team continued to pickaxe and scrape away Context 35, seeking a new, yellowish soil underneath. Context 35 proved to be deeper and less even than expected, but after the great perseverance of our members, the streaks of yellowish-gold soil gave way to several patches of the new context to be properly exposed tomorrow.

On the home front, two more students stayed with our pottery specialist, Massimo, this afternoon, and further expanded their understanding of fragment treatment and identification under his guidance. Tomorrow morning heralds a great deal of work, but the IMPERO Team is prepared for all of the hard work and wonderful discovery awaiting us at Podere Cannicci!

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