Podere Cannicci – Day 11

The third week started with three graduate students (Alex, Elena, and Mari) from Michigan State University joining our excavation team, together with Prof. Todd Fenton. The work focused on three main different areas.

The room, that has been excavated in the last days, has revealed to be an open area in antiquity, constantly used as a dumping space to level up the walking surface. We almost reached the end of the ancient sequence of occupation and the last context (41) had a number of interesting materials, including a black gloss ware vessel with an unknown stamp at its base.

More work was needed in the western part of the excavation area, where we removed context 36 and started to fully expose a black, burnt context that we discovered also last year.

In the area of the main drain, we almost finished exposing the side wall on the eastern side and the filling of the structure itself.

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