Podere Cannicci – Day 13

The IMPERO Team at Podere Cannicci had their hands full today dealing with the aftermath of yesterday’s storm. After a day off from excavation, we returned to a flooded site and immediately set to work passing buckets to drain the water from the area. Both students and directors laughed together despite the circumstances, and our efforts successfully cleared the water from a segment of the site—allowing us to discover the new Context 45. Context 45 will prove interesting tomorrow, as the bright red clay shares the space with contained, dark-brown soil that might be cuts. As for the rest of the excavation area, the Podere Cannicci team diligently resurfaced a continuation of the trench, buried in organic matter, which was a part of the previous archaeological work done in the 1980s. We hope to better intertwine our research with that of the original excavation team as our investigations carry into the future. Continuing this spirit of teamwork, in the afternoon, Luca and Alberto graciously lent the service of a tractor and water pump to remove the rest of the flooding. Although there is still much to do to clean up our site, we managed to push back against the inconvenience of yesterday’s severe rain to continue to make progress.


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