Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 6

This was the first day in Castellaraccio this week, since all the team was concentrated in Podere Cannicci during the last two days. The site deeply changed by the team during last week and it is almost ready for some proper archaeological stratigraphy.

Most of the collapse was removed in both Area 1000 and 2000. Marc and Michelle are wonderfully working on a little test pit (Area 3000) on the southern side of Area 2000, where most of our new finds have been recovered.

While Marc and Michelle were working there, Alessandro and the rest of the team were removing the earlier phase of the collapse (context 10) left in Area 1000. At the end of the day, after a lot of pick axing and shoveling only a small section of the collapse was left on the eastern site of the room.

We called the day and we came back home, we stuck the van in the mud and Alberto came to push us out with the tractor.

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