Podere Cannicci – Day 6

After two days spent with the entire team of excavation in the Podere Cannicci site, for preliminary operation of cleaning, the two groups have been divided in two, one at the Castle and the other at the Roman site.

Today the students working in the main area have continued to remove the context 36 and exposing a black and red burned layer that we have already recognized and partly excavated in the previous campaigns. This layer probably testifies an extended fire widespread all over the site. Few polished river stones have appeared from the removal of what remained of the context 36, possibly interpretable as a wall of Room II, perpendicular to wall 8.

In the other trench (Area 1000), the participants have removed context 1 that covered the entire area. In cleaning up the area with extremely accuracy, a new context appeared, black-red with a number of pieces of broken jars (dolia), roof-tiles and bricks, probably the first collapse of a storage room. A wall has come to light with an orientation N-S, placed in the center of the area and it divides the area in two parts. One is occupied by the collapse and the other by a brown-black layer poor in materials, indicating possibly an outside area. In the S-E part of the area a series of underground jars (at least 3 now are visible) posed in line. Context 1 has been given back few fragments of black-gloss ware, essentially Campana A, B and B-oide type (from half of the third century to the half of the second century BC onwards). At the end of the day the team of the area 1000 has finished to clean all the layer and took photos of the new contexts.

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