Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 9

The team at Castelaraccio started Monday off refreshed and ready to work. The team was joined by forensic anthropology PhD students from Michigan State University. For most of the morning, the team worked to clear the last of the collapse to reach the next context of the palace, and with the extra help, the team was able to get much more work done. After finding the next context, the team spent the rest of the day cleaning the interface between context numbers 10 and 11. The difference in contexts is distinguished by the loose dirt and large stones of the of the collapse on top and the harder packed clay and bricks beneath. While cleaning the interface a structure was exposed within the keep that will require more excavation to determine its purpose, but the prevailing theories are that it is a wall or a floor. Marc continued his excavation outside of the house and had a successful day of finds including pottery, bones, and nails. 

Castelaraccio was visited by a group of middle school students from Paganico who came to learn about Archaeology and the history surrounding Castelaraccio. The kids were energetic and excited to learn about the excavation and asked Dr. Hobart many questions regarding the site. Tomorrow the team plans to excavate the next context and hopefully determine the function of the exposed structure today.

Monday was also the day when a group of young students from Paganico made a visit to Castellaraccio and spent some time learning about the history of the site through Dr. Hobart’s lecture. They enjoyed the visit at the castle, under the loyal supervision of our beloved Candela.

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