Podere Cannicci – Day 9

A new week at Podere Cannicci kicked off today, with all teams settling into productive rhythms. The team in Rooms I and V continued removing context 36 to expose the burn layer beneath it. While removing context 36, a few excellent finds resurfaced, they included a votive offering found by Kevin, and a lamp, and a black gloss pottery base with stamps dating it to the first half of the 3rd century BCE, between the first and second Punic Wars. Both the lamp and black gloss pottery base were found by Michael. In Room I, the corner of a wall was exposed, as well as an extension. In Room V, the side of the drain facing the rest of Room V was exposed, highlighting the continuation of the drain through the room, and possibly reaching outside of the current boundaries of the excavation. Smaller rocks have been found alongside the burnt context, emphasizing disturbance that is potentially due to collapse. Savannah and Dr. Fenton examined teeth and bone shards that were found in both rooms.  

In Area 1000, the team continued to expose the dolia and other pottery in context 2. Context 2 covered the dolia and contained evidence of a roof collapse, which is supported by the amount of roof tile that has been found. Today the team identified context 5, which is the context that the dolia sit on. Finds today included more iron nails, what is thought to be an iron door hinge found by Thuraya, iron fragments that are thought to be a part of a knife, more bronze objects that are in context 5 and cannot be removed just yet, and two incredible bronze bracelets, which were found by Tina. The team continued to remove context 2 until lunch, and during the lunch break, the initial artificial boundaries of the trench were expanded. After lunch, the team, now joined by Dr. Fenton, removed the topsoil of the new expansion, along with context 1, and began to expose context 2, which was identified by the burn marks, and reddish clay.

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