Podere Cannicci – Day 11

The excavation at Podere Cannicci was in full swing this Wednesday, with the team continuing to remove contextual layer 36 in order to further examine Rooms I and V. One set of archaeologists was focused on Room I and articulated a series of pebbles that align with one of the room’s walls. Whilst articulating these rocks, Alyssa uncovered a bronze hairpin; other finds uncovered by this group include pottery, bones, and slag. Another team focused on Room V and worked on further exposing the southern wall. Here, Michael found a fragment of stamped black gloss pottery. In Area 1000, the excavators continued to trowel Context 1 in order to uncover Context 2, and Thuraya discovered a bronze revetment.

Further, Director Professor Sebastiani’s family visited the site today and gifted the workers with food and cold refreshments to help them bear the heat. From here, we hope to continue excavating Context 36 and to further uncover room V’s southern wall as well as to continue to uncover Context 2 in Area 1000.

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