Podere Cannicci – Day 12

Podere Cannicci had a productive day as usual this Thursday. The team working on the site excavated previously in 2018 was split to work on different tasks simultaneously. Some were delegated to articulate the extension of the wall between room I and V and to follow the path of pebbles which could have been once pieces of the wall that collapsed or some other structure. While working on that, the others continued to expose walls of the drain found in previous years in room V. In the process, the team found several bone fragments and pieces of pottery including bases, handles, and rims. 

The team working in Area 1000, also had a great day in the trench. Previously they had extended their trench, and so they spent the day preparing it, and “catching it up” to the rest of the trench. They pick axed and troweled the top soil, removing context 1 to get ready to excavate context 2 which was a burned layer with pieces of reddish clay. In the process they found a sandy layer of soil and several pieces of pottery.

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