Podere Cannicci – Day 14

Revitalized from a weekend at the beach the crew was eager to get back to work in Podere Cannicci.  In the main site, Betsy, Alyssa and Kevin continued to trowel away in Room Iin order to expose the layer of disintegrated tile and brick, Context 56.  In the process, they began exposing another context of collapsed brick—a confuddling context which runs both alongside and above Context 56. This context they have dubbed Context 59, and with hard work and hope, they will persist. In Room V, Michael and Savannah continued to remove the context composed of pebbles (Context 55).  Monday was not going to be easy on the crew, however, forwhen they began taking points, the Total Station decided that it had had enough for one day, frustrating the team and the contexts alike.

In Area 1000, Thuraya and Tina continued to remove Context 2 from the north extension.  They exposed the foundation stone of the pillar in the North corner of the trench while listening to the calming voice of Ira Glass on This American Life, a staple in Area 1000.  On Tuesday,they will finish exposing the next context in the extension and hopefully will begin to remove the collapsed dolia in the main room of the trench.

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