Podere Cannicci – Day 16

Stationed cameras, eager eyes, and a once-in-a-lifetime act of recovery defined the day at Podere Cannicci. In Room I, in light of the photographs taken of Contexts 56 and 60 the previous afternoon, Context 56 was ready to be cleared, and the team undertook this task promptly, exposing a thick, yellow clay beneath, integrated with sandy patches and defined by a varying topography that was better followed with the help of director Dr. Vanni. This portion of the team likewise confirmed the existence of a new wall, Context 61, uncovering the continuation of its stones and discovering that it formed a small canal with its parallel feature, wall 58. On the other side of the original excavation area, where students continued to articulate the uncovered continuation of stones composing a raw floor, the plethora of loom-weights found by trench supervisor Michael were accompanied with a textile tool previously absent at Cannicci—a spindle discovered by Kevin. Room I, on the other hand, heralded a bronze coin brought to the light by Alyssa as the team continued to expose the new yellow-colored clay lying beneath Context 56. 

In Area 1000, the team composed of Dr. Vanni, Tina, and Thuraya began the process of dolia removal and received a visit from an archeo-botanist in preparation for analyzing the soil of the collapsed dolia for residue. In the afternoon, however, this dream team undertook the highly anticipated removal of the artifacts beneath the furniture remnants. With our videographer Emma at the ready to capture the moment and Tina furiously documenting the finds, Dr. Vanni and Thuraya meticulously removed objects from the soil, some of which had been visible to the team for almost two weeks, begging to be salvaged. Even director Professor Sebastiani came to share in the magic, as did our constant compatriot, Alberto Ghini, and his mother. As glistening vessels of black gloss, lead, plaster, and numerous bronze coins came under the gaze of the setting sun, with the team working past the end of the workday until the deed was done and the students from the main excavation area cheering them on, all realized the significance of those fleeting moments under the few shady trees in the valley.

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