Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 17

It is Thursday, Marc, having finished his work in Area 3000 and having reached the bedrock decided to go back to Cannicci, leaving us with a really interesting area to work during the next months back home. Area 3000, small and cramped, give us a fist full stratigraphical picture of Castellaraccio, from the last phases of the Castle to the natural layer of rock forming the core of the hill. It is a partial picture of course, but the detail study of its layers and associated finds will enable us to set a first general chronological framework for the site.

For the rest we started removing context 32 in Area 1000, while the Michigan team continued pick axing joyfully in Area 2000. A closer exam of the southern area of the room revealed what was possibly a cooking area with several pieces of cooking pottery, including a testum, still in place and a fire place in the south-eastern corner. This phase was probably part of a late occupation of the castle.

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