Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 19

Last Monday of the last week of excavation, possible the last full day of digging in Castellaraccio. The team came back to its normal composition, without Marc and the anthropologists.

We focused in cleaning the areas and preparing everything for the closure of the site. In Area 1000 we finished to clean the northern wall (5), still very disturbed by a stump of a tree, and a few detail to clarify some stratigraphical relations, like the connection of the southern wall (17) with the curtain (3). Big news, we found the very first piece of Maiolica Arcaica from Area 1000!

In Area 2000 a small group focused its energies in removing the last big stump left in the room, in order to pave the way for next year full excavation of the room. The last hours were in double checking the documentation to be sure that everything was properly recorded and registered.

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