Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 20

Very last day of excavation. Everybody is sad and happy at the same time. Happy for the end of a month of fatigue, early mornings and homesickness; sad because it is the end of the project, there are still many things to understand, dig and discover and because we will had to say goodbye to our great team.

The work was mostly focused in leaving Area 2000 ready for next year excavation, the stump was too stubborn and well anchored to the ground to be removed in the end but it is almost ready to go. We also dedicate the day to the last topographical documentation with the total station, recording the southern tower and taking the last needed points. Our surveyor, Emanuele Mariotti, came at lunchtime to record the last things in Area 1000. Megan organized and counted all the roof tiles fragments that we collected from the collapse, recognizing a small percentage of Roman/Classical pieces between bricks and roof tiles.

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