Podere Cannicci – Day 1, 2020

Today, the 2020 excavation season at Podere Cannicci started. The entire day was spent widening the Area 1000 from the last year, where the remains of a residential and functional building were discovered.

We have decided to enlarge this portion of the excavation as we want to uncover the extension of the complex, its different functions and the chronology for both the construction and the abandonment phases. Last year, we were able to run some c14 samples on the surviving beams and the carbonised table. This year, we hope to collect enough information to fully understand the building in the wider context of the vicus at Podere Cannicci. At this stage, we know that the complex was destroyed by a fire occurred sometimes in the first decades of the 1st century BC; nonetheless, the presence of limited terra sigillata and of an Imperial coin suggests a possible reoccupation of the structure.

Today, we also welcomed the excavation team. Benedetta Baleani, Cleo Barbafiera, Filippo Barthelemy, Maria Teresa Sgromo and Debora Tanganelli joined the project which is directed on field by Dr. Edoardo Vanni. Once again, we thank Luca Giannuzzi Savelli and the Ass. Cult. Odysseus for their generosity that allowed the continuation of the research.

The 2020 excavation area (red), and the 2019 Area 1000 (blue)

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