Podere Cannicci – Day 4, 2020

The fourth excavation day was very productive.

Two other bronze coins were recovered; one is very neat and bears a helmeted head of Roma or Minerva and the prow of a galley. The coin is dated at the end of the 3rd century BC, and you can find a nice picture here.

In the meantime, the 2019 excavation area was cleared from the overgrown vegetation and the southern wall was fully exposed. During this activity, a good concentration of kitchenware and animal bones was found, together with a loom weight. Another wall was identified (USM 22), running E-W. These additions help to better define the plan of the complex that in the coming days will be fully exposed.

Saturday will be a special day at Podere Cannicci. Stay tuned to discover what our archaeologists have in mind!

Aerial picture of the excavation trench at the end of day 4

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