Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 5, 2021

Today marks the end of the first week of the 2021 excavation season at the deserted medieval village of Castellaraccio di Monteverdi.

As a first summary, we have removed a good portion of the thick and wide collapse context in the second room of the keep. Unfortunately, this context is quite extended, and it will take some time before we can finish its removal. Nonetheless, we were able to date the circular hole that was visible in the center of the room. Most likely, this was done in the 1970s as we found remains of glass bottles and of a bullet at its very bottom. The hole cut the entire stratigraphy, showing an occasional section where the collapse continues for at least 1 meter, covering a context of roof-tiles that is just above a thick, yellow clay context.

The excavations of the building in the central part of the hilltop exposed an interesting context with stone chips and dark soil. On top of this, a hearth still contained a couple of testi (cooking dishes), one coin and a clay seal.

On the exterior of the fortifications, we have uncovered parts of the elevations so to facilitate its understanding and analysis, especially with the portions uncovered inside the keep.

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