Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 6, 2021

Today, we continued to remove the collapse in the second room of the keep. We have decided to concentrate on one half of the space, as the context is quite thick and we won’t be able to fully excavate it. At least, we will be able to check the building technique of the fortification and of the dividing wall between the two rooms.

The excavations in the house in the middle of the settlement proceeded with the documentation of context 37 with drone pictures, plans and drawings. We aim at removing it and check whether any early medieval context survives underneath.

The final cleaning of context 37 revealed a clay object, most likely a seal, bearing the arms of the city of Florence. Its chronology should be in the 14th century, when the castle is already abandoned according to written sources. This is opening new scenarios on the life and abandonment of the settlement at the same time when the nearby borgo franco di Paganico was rebuilt by Siena after Castruccio Castracani’s siege in 1328.

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