Prof. Alessandro Sebastiani –  University at Buffalo – SUNY – Principal Investigator and Scientific Director (Full profile at and

Prof. Michelle Hobart –  The Cooper Union for the Advancement of the Science and Arts – Scientific Co-Director (Full profile at

Prof. Todd Fenton –  Michigan State University – Anthropological analysis (Full profile at and MSU Department of Anthropology)

Massimo Brando – Pottery Specialist (Full profile at )

Alessandro Carabia – Site Director at Castellaraccio – University of Birmingham (Full profile at )

Dr. Fabiana Fabbri – Freelance archaeologist. Study of the votive deposits (CVPublications)

Michael Mccabe – Site supervisor – University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Valentina Pica – Small Finds Specialist (Full profile at )

Luca Giannuzzi Savelli – Project Manager and Site Assistant

Dr. Emanuele Mariotti – GIS and Remote Sensing specialist

Josef Soucek – Aerial pictures, photogrammetry, 3D reconstructions – National Museum, Prague (Full profile at

Dr. Valentina Trotta – Site Assistant – Segretariato Regionale per il Molise – MiBac (Full profile at and

Dr. Edoardo Vanni –  Site Director at Podere Cannicci – University of Siena (Full profile at

Elisabeth Woldeyohannes – Site supervisor – University at Buffalo (SUNY)