Area of Investigation

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The chosen area of investigation lies in southern Tuscany, in the modern commune of Civitella Paganico (Province of Grosseto).

Here, the remains of a large late Etruscan and Republican site are accompanied by the ruins of a small medieval castle. Both the settlements are set along with the valley of the river Ombrone, midway along its course.

The selected area of investigation has been chosen because it includes a composite environmental and infrastructural network across the lower and middle valley of the river Ombrone, and a large portion of the Roman ager Rusellanus.

It also includes the previously investigated region of Alberese along the Tyrrhenian Sea coastline that has been the focus of a Marie Curie IE Fellowship (project ALBTUSMED II) at the University of Sheffield. In addition, as part of the investigations, the research will aim to understand the relationships between different kinds of settlements (maritime, rural, riverine and urban) and the surrounding landscape.

Fig. 2
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