Podere Cannicci – Day 3 (May 27, 2022)

The day started early with the two teams in Cannicci returning to their work on the field. The tomb team continued their search for other burials. They expanded the sample area in order to identify traces of cuts in the ancient clay soil on the top of the Cannicci hill. The team is aided by close range remote sensing (geophysics) carried out in the last few years in order to better locate the graves. Several shards of pottery have been found and suggest the presence of the necropolis, which is only to be found. Topographic tools have been implemented to record the sporadical findings and the limitations of the research area.
On the other hand, the Cannicci craft-area team kept on cleaning the site, moving to the last portion of it. They successfully removed the dirt from the eastern part, taking care of the fragile walls made of large river stones, pebbles and clay. The work will be completed soon, as the students have got acquainted with the fieldwork. They will start unearthing and excavate the actual layers of this site on Monday

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