Podere Cannicci – Day 14 (June 13, 2022)

This morning, the Podere Cannicci team again took diverse paths: while some stayed home to wash and to organize pottery and others undertook the investigation of a Roman cistern, the rest of the team set out to finish the removal of Context 60’s packed tiles, ceramics, and stones in Area 1.

With Context 60 having been levelled by the day’s end, the team made several exciting discoveries. Not only were Context 73’s collapse and a new, suspected forge revealed, cleaned, and documented, as well as more secondary evidence of ceramic and metallurgical production brought to light, but bright red and ashy grey patches of soil as well as a large stone deeper in the earth were likewise exposed. These last two contexts must be investigated further in the coming days, and the team plans to do this in conjunction with the removal of Context 73. It seems that we have truly begun to reveal the phases of life at the site!

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