Journal of the Excavation (01.06.2017)

Today the excavation continued with the removal of context 4, a collapse of roof tiles, spread almost all over the excavation trench. After its removal, two different contexts appeared: context 12, a black deposit in the southern portion of the area and context 13, a red deposit similar to 2 but with no inclusions. A series of clay tiles has been noticed in context 13. Contexts 12 and 13 are well divided by a wall (15) which runs NW-SE in the middle of the excavation trench. Context 13 is contained also by walls 6 and 16.

In the external part of the trench, outside walls 6, 7 and 8, we removed context 5, a dark brown deposit of clay with occasional inclusions of charcoal. In the NE corner we discovered then at least 2 walls (9 and 10) running from wall 6 towards the profile of the trench. A new context (11) has been detected in between the two walls and appears to be made up of a greenish, hard clay deposit.18871265_10155383109016974_2003717293_n

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