Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 12

The team at Castellaraccio had a hot day on Friday! With temperatures soaring, the team worked hard to uncover the next context layer in the palace. The new layer contains the tiles from the initial roof collapse of the palace. This next layer is distinguished by its dark brown soil and multitude of roof tiles. The heat of the day challenged the team not only physically, but also made documenting our new layer very difficult. A water mister had to be borrowed from our friends at Podere Cannicci, the water allowed the layer to portray its true colors. A wonderful discovery of a potential wall was made by Marc at the house, which changes what was previously thought about this area of the castle; Marc also continued to recover pottery, nails, and bone! Thanks to site leader Alessandro, the field school students were able to learn how to properly document and record new context layers. The team will continue to excavate, and work hard to understand the past of the castle and the people who lived there. 

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