Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 12, 2021

The last week of the 2021 excavation season saw the team continuing to remove part of the collapse in the second room of the keep. Due to the thickness of the context, it was decided to only concentrate on one strip, exposing also a new collapse stratum, composed of roof tiles. Once this activitiy is finished, the excavation of the room will stop.

In the house in the middle of the settlement, the research continued to remove context 37 and to expose an earth-beaten floor that is contained by an alignment of stones, parallel to the southern wall. This alignment is joined by another earlier wall, running N-S that was reused during the later construction of the house.

The removal of context 37 also showed the presence of and some concentrations of carbonized seeds of different species. We have started to sieve the context, especially in its interface with the layers underneath it.

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