Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 12 (June 9, 2022)

Despite a summer storm that blocked the works at the castle this was a lucky day at the site. In the morning the team continued to remove context 55 and to undertake smaller interventions in crucial points of Area 2000 to solve or doublecheck some crucial stratigraphic connections between contexts.

However, the crucial moment arrived when we started to remove the large stone placed in the central-northern area (context 97). This stone has been interpreted as a sort of working surface due to the presence of several sings on its surface probably generated by the abrasion of some tools. Precisely under this stone we found a ring decorated with an hexagonal blue glass. This find, while extremely interesting, it is a bit in conflict with the phase marked by the black layer 55, which seems to denote a workshop area dedicated to storage or processing cereals. Later during the day, context 55 also restituted a weight, possibly for fishnets. Also in Area 3000 interesting finds are starting to appear. Here Ryan completed the documentation and excavated a new layer from which a new knife blade was recovered. This concluded another exciting day of work at the castle.

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