Podere Cannicci – Day 13 (June 10, 2022)

Even today, the Cannicci team split in two groups: part of the team joined Michael to wash and organize the findings from this three weeks of excavations. The rest of the team continued the fieldwork by removing part of Context 60. The layer is by far the most amazing and interesting of all the layer excavated in Area 1. Inside it, the team has found hundreds of shards of pottery, bricks and slag. Nevertheless, singular findings like a couple of clay seals for bellows (possibly related to kilns for smelting iron) and wasters from a nearby pottery kiln were stillfound.
In the morning professor Gregory Warden and his research team visited the site and the team in Cannicci. They were given a tour by Betsy and Marta through the many wonders of the Cannicci site. The students had the occasion to meet and quickly share experiences, enriching themselves and the whole project. Soon, the two teams will meet again on the Etruscan site of Potentino, where Professor Warden is now working.
The week ends with the hope to start digging the new phase that is starting to appear in the Cannicci site.

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