Podere Cannicci – Final day (June 17, 2022)

Eventually, the last day of this amazing excavation campaign in Podere Cannicci has arrived. With sadness and excitement the Cannicci team checked and completed the last bits of documentation work before laying down the tarp on the exposed contexts, in order to preserve them from the elements. But this is not a goodbye. Much has been unearthed of the workshop area in Podere Cannicci and much more is still to be discovered! For many students this year has just been the beginning of a new path of formation, the first step of a jurney into the core of the archaeological work and thinking. The Impero Project want to say thank you to all the students who made this possible, once again.
They had the chance to practice their skill with material culture by taking part to all the stages of management of findings from the field.
They proved themself to be able to successfully apply stratigraphy, take part to the actual excavation work and documentation, mastering the many different tools of the archaeologist.
For those of them that will decide to continue their path into archaeology, the new phase unearthed in Podere cannicci will be waiting for their passion.

Though the excavation has come to an end, the work does not stop here. The new materials and the records from the excavations have to be processed into information. The Impero Project team will start immediately.

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