Thank you all!!

The 2018 Field School at Monteverdi has just finished and we would like to thank all the people involved within the project:

Luca Giannuzzi Savelli, our Project Manager, owner of the land at Castellaraccio di Monteverdi and fabulous host

Paolo, Giovanna, Iacopo and Marina Giannuzzi Savelli, owners of the land at Podere Cannicci

Elisabeth, Joseph, Marc, Mason, Michael, Mike, Rebecca, Riley and Ryan, our fantastic students and tireless archaeologists

Alessandro and Edoardo, our site directors, whose expertise has been transmitted to the entire team

Fabiana, for her interest in the votive deposits

Massimo, for his expertise on pottery and passion for archaeology

Emma, our videomaker, for her enthusiasm and peculiar perspective on the excavations

Josef (Pepa), the technology guy with his drone and his skill of solving any kind of problems

Alex, Elena, and Mari, the anthropologists of the project

Carolina and Paolo Alberto, our youngest archaeologists

Fiorella, Noemi, and Valeria for wonderful meals and patience

Alberto, Cesare, and Patrizio, for their help with machines and pumps

Maurizio, for helping us with GPS points

Andrea Marcocci and the entire Associazione Archeologica Odysseus for the constant support

Last, but not the least, Candela and Sebastian, wonderful pet friends!


See you next year!

Sandro, Michelle, and Todd

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