Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 15

It was a sunny Tuesday at Castellaraccio as the teams continued to dig in their trenches. The team at the keep finished cleaning the last of context 29 and began excavating context 32 just below.

Only a couple of pottery sherds were found throughout the day, but a possible corner piece to the wall inside of the keep was also uncovered. The Michigan State PhD students joined the rest of the Castellaraccio team today and they continued the excavation at the house. Mari and Alex found several pieces of Maiolica thanks to Elena’s pick axing, and they hope to uncover more in the following days. Marc had another fruitful day in his trench with more pottery, bone, and nail finds. Marc reached the bedrock of his trench, and there are tentative plans to expand it.

The team looks forward to continuing work tomorrow and learning more about the past of Castellaraccio.

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