Castellaraccio di Monteverdi – Day 16

Wednesday, half way to the last full week of excavation. The team is now fully supported by the Michigan State’s PhD students who are taking care of opening a trench in Area 2000 with the goal of removing what was left of the collapse in the eastern side of the room.

In Area 1000 the team was busy in cleaning context 32 for a photographic documentation. It is possible that this hard layer of clay was a preparation for a floor or a walking surface in the phase of abandonment of the room. However, the almost complete lack of finds make very hard to develop an historical chronology. We also dedicated part of the day to clean and excavate the south-eastern corner of the room, where the structure of a possible staircase is becoming clearer day after day. Tomorrow, if possible, we will bring the station up to deal with topographical survey.

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