Podere Cannicci – Day 6 (June 1, 2022)

The team started the day after a brief visit to the Monteverdi bridge on the Ombrone river. During the visit, they have been told about the importance of routes and paths to understand ancient landscapes.
We then moved back into Cannicci to continue the digging of Context 39 – a compact layer of burnt materials marking the collapse of the structure.
The students joined Michael and Betsy in removing the layer gradually and learn the proper use of the tools needed for the work. In the meanwhile, Federico scrupulously checked the forms to take accurate records of the ongoing work.
The team successfully located a dark charcoal print visible on the interface between context 39 and a new context, in the proximity of the northern limitation of the excavation area. The shape of the charcoal print and the coherence of it has let the team identify it as the burnt remains of a beam. The beam probably fell from the roof during the fire that destroyed the structures and became trapped in to the collapse.
Everybody has got very excited and inspired by their discovery. The students tested themselves and proved to be able to put the stratigraphy teachings they had into practice. This has made them more confident in they capabilities and also made Betsy and Michael very proud of them.

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