Podere Cannicci – Day 7 (June 2, 2022)

A new day started with the removal of what remained of context 39 and the cleaning of some parts of layers which were still unclear. It was very important to all the team to expose all the layers very clearly before starting with recording and describing all of them.
Everybody had a briefing in order to define the stratigraphical situation inside the excavation area. It is important to have a share of thoughts in order to clearly understand the situation and then act as one. The team managed to locate and record 5 new layers, one of which was the rest of the beam (context 74).
They then proceeded with the documentation and started digging again starting from the top and most recent layer. The beam has been removed. In the meantime a part of the team helped with the cleaning of the northern limitation of the excavation. This allowed to expose other parts of context 73, an undressing layer of deposit of stones, bricks and pottery which seems part of a collapse of which only the edges are visible.
The cleaning also exposed layers identified as parts of ancient floors. We are allegedly walking on roman floors. Thanks to the teamwork everyone knows the process behind the decision of removing a layer deforme the other. Tomorrow we will be removing the next layer on top. A new phase of the building at Cannicci is emerging.

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