Podere Cannicci – Day 10 (June 7, 2022)

Area 1 hosted a large array of finds, from animal bones to slag to ceramics. The day began with the removal of Context 80, which was hypothesized to be a post-hole but, due to containing discharge from a ceramic kiln within the fill, is now believed to be a general waste area instead. Following the removal of Context 80, the removal of Contexts 70, 75 and 77 all took place under the potential hypothesis that they may be representative of a single large raw floor. The removal of the contexts saw additional, larger finds consisting of larger ceramic vessels. The removal of Context 75 was suspected to hold a continuation of Context 60; instead, what was demonstrated was that Context 75 continued deeper and represents a well-packed raw floor, which will need further excavations.

Tomorrow holds much more in store as we continue to remove Context 75 and, soon, the ceramic and stone materials that comprise Context 60, including some exciting elements such as amphora and black-gloss ceramic wares.

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