Journal of the Excavation (30.05.2017)

Today we first documented context 2, a strata covering a large portion of the excavation area. Context 2 consists of a deposit of burnt clay, very red and hard in its compaction. It is highly possible that it is the result of the collapse of clay walls, after a fire that destroyed the settlement. The idea is also suggested by the presence of highly fired/burnt clay bricks within the context. The removal of context 2 brought back to the light some other rocks on the SE part of the trench, definitely defining the external perimeter wall of the complex. Moreover, two segments of walls, running parallel with each other, also appeared. At the SE corner of the room defined by these walls, an almost entire amphora has been documented. As the removal of context 2 continued, a possible level of tile rubbles seems to show up as well as possible remains of an earth-beaten floor.

At the same time, we started to remove a dark brown clay context outside the external perimeter wall of the complex. The context is quite rich in pottery, especially fragments of black gloss ware as well as some common ware and sporadic pieces of cooking ware. At this stage we have decided to cut a section through the deposit and to investigate only a portion of the context.


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