Podere Cannicci – Day 14

Cool breeze, a wonderful discovery, and attentive listeners accompanied the first day of our final week of the season. In an attempt to better understand the interconnectivity of our different exposed contexts, we had our excavation machine open up a new area. To our surprise, two parallel walls within Context 36 were discovered perpendicular to the original trench. Although this raises further questions, we exposed and cleaned the top of the wall and evened out the area behind and in between, leaving us in a good position to continue our investigations. Within the proton of the trench itself that was exposed this season, Context 47, two of our archaeologists came upon several large pottery finds.

The excavation machine also began to open trial trenches with a small portion of the team at Podere Cannicci to find the necropolis. Our efforts did not prove fully fruitful, but we found several fragments of tile that may help direct the course of our searching. After lunch, we welcomed our friends from the Populonia excavation site after their hospitality towards us at the end of our second week, and we showed them all of our hard work. The IMPERO Team cannot wait to see what our fourth week will deliver us!

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