Podere Cannicci – Day 15

This morning heralded some more new visitors at Podere Cannicci! Dr. Sebastiani gave a tour to the Archaeological directors from the National Museum at Prague, supervisors over our very own team member Pepa, while the Podere Cannicci team continued to reveal our two new walls and new possible trench.  Moreover, Dr. Lisa Fentress and Dr. Mariagrazia Celuzza visited the site, helping to figure out new strategies and ideas for the project.

The team members working in the previously discovered extension of the trench uncovered Contexts 47, 51, and 53, all full of pottery and well-preserved teeth, today–reaching the water table inside the drain. In the afternoon, the other half of the Podere Cannicci team uncovered the new walls, Contexts 49 and 50, and revealed and measured two new contexts in between those walls, Contexts 48 and 52. Context 48 was a rougher, sandy, and inclusive context, and below it, Context 52 was a yellow clay with the possibility of a cut composed of the same material as a Context 48. Tomorrow morning, the Podere Cannicci team will set out to confirm and demarcate this possible cut. Another mystery we will grapple with tomorrow is the presence of rocks closing in either side of the potential drain. We must determine if the rocks are purposeful blockage, collapse, or evidence of another structure. Hopefully, these questions and more will be chipped at as we near the end of our excavation season!

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