Podere Cannicci – Day 16

This morning, we said our final goodbyes to Podere Cannicci. With the memories of the previous night–celebrating our beloved director Dr. Sebastiani’s birthday during lunch and then showcasing all of our hard work to the local people that evening under pink skies–still present in our minds, the IMPERO Team focused on understanding Context 54. Yesterday afternoon, we discovered that Context 54 had two different soil compositions, yellow clay with reddish-purple streaks bordering a very coarse sandy soil with integrations, and we speculated that the rougher soil may have been a cut.

Today we dug deeper and e evened out Context 54, discovering that our previous speculation was incorrect. The course, sandy texture is, in fact, consistent throughout the trench, and our final act on site was to trowel and brush the trench, walls, and surrounding area, and take our final context picture at Podere Cannicci. While part of our team at the Roman site did this, our videographer Emma continued her interviews, and three visitors from the  Soprintendenza investigated the nearby Roman cistern and performed Georadar analysis to aid our quest for the necropolis. As we wait for the results of the Georadar test, the IMPERO Team at Podere Cannicci is reminded that our work is far from over–there is a plethora of treasures, questions, and answers still in store, and we all look forward to an equally rewarding excavation season next year!

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