It all began!

So today marked the first day on site. Before posting our daily journals, here is our welcome to all the new participants: Mahlet Ashebr, Benedetta Baleani, Cleo Barbafiera, Adi Bigel, Callodine Camodeca-Schmitz, Marta De Pari, Leon Jagels Fernandez, Eoin Little, Nolan Mattison, Adina Olbrys, Aisling O’Sullivan, Federico Saccoccio, and Leaanna Sparks. Plus, we have our fantastic returning people, Michael McCabe, Thuraya Hazer, Ryan Poloncarz, and Elisabeth Woldeyohannes!

The field school is directed by Prof. Michelle Hobart, aided by Prof. Todd Fenton, Dr. Alessandro Carabia, and Dr. Edoardo Vanni.

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